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Aren't Great Danes the Greatest!  They are gentle giants!  We have always loved Great Danes, and have been raising them the last seventeen years. We only have a few so that we can give them plenty of space and we can spend quality time with them.


We raise beautiful black, harlequin, and mantle AKC great Danes.  Our dogs have beautiful physical qualities as well as wonderful personalities!  All of our puppies have had at least their first set of shots and wormed three times before being placed in their new home. Our dogs are all AKC registered and are checked by our veterinarian before they leave our place.  We also micro-chip all of our puppies.

Temperament is a high priority with me, and any great Dane that does not meet my criteria for temperament is not allowed to be a part of our "Dane" family.  

Feel free to look around.  If you see a puppy you like or have questions, feel free to e-mail at or call me at 405-863-1393!   

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